Digital Signage Platform

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Digital signage refers to the use of modern display panels, digital content and Internet technology to deploy a network of rich-media signs to replace traditional print signs.

Digital signage is a new generation screen-based media network created to deliver dynamic advertising and communications at various out-of-home locations. Today’s widely available broadband infrastructure and increasing affordability of display panels are spurring a fast adoption of this new generation digital media network. Digital signage can be deployed at almost any locations where people gather, shop, entertain, walk by and wait.

A typical digital signage network is comprised of a centrally located management server and many networked display panels installed at various locations. A local media player, which is usually installed at or near the display panels, receives contents from the central management server and plays the contents locally for one or several display panels. For example; A large retail store chain can deploy a digital signage network for in-store advertising and customer communications. One or many displays and media players can be installed at each store.

The management server can be hosted centrally, therefore, the marketing department can centrally deliver weekly or even daily sales and other messages to some or all of its stores in real-time based on predefined schedules.