Flight Information Sytems

flight information system

Is a service solely developed and managed by Focus Media Group Ltd.

Focus Media Group’s Flight Information system provides the hotel guest with real-time Departure & Arrival data for all the terminals. This can be displayed in the guest rooms via a TV-Channel & also through a public display screen (LCD Screen) See figure 1.1.

This system is maintained and monitored centrally 24 hours 7 days a week.

flight information system in hotel roomsFigure 1.1 Standard setup.

flight information system on a bus Figure 1.2 Transport Setup.

The benefits spanning from this service for the hotel or guest include:

  • Improved personal time management.
  • No language barrier by not having to talk to a non-native speaking airport operator.
  • When placed effectively in public areas, invites outside guests.
  • Increases guest loyalty, positively influences repeated business.
  • Boost occupancy on business travelers segment.
  • Provides a new source of income for the hotel via two available Ad slots between the Arrival & Departure screens, And the customizable scrolling ticker tape line.
  • An informative feature in both the VIP Lounge and the Business Center.
  • Increases the efficiency & response time of certain departments such as Concierge, Operator, Business Center and Meet & Assist.

Service Requirements

Flight Information Lobby display @ Le Meridien Heliopolis

  • Focus Media Group’s Flight Information system operates over a TCP/IP based network.
  • Each processing unit is required to have one real IP address accessible via the internet.
  • An SNMP enabled router. (Recommended)
  • The necessary pulling of Ethernet cabling to the respective locations. (As decided upon survey)

FMG processing units, installation, customization, & 24/7 support are all provided by Focus Media Group Ltd.

Figure 2.1

Service Pricing Plan

  • Contact us directly for a quotation and free site survey.

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Figure 2.3 Figure 2.4 Figure 2.5 flight information system